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Your premium GMP certified producer of natural waxes !

We are Koster Keunen Holland BV – the only certified GMP producer of natural waxes in Europe. We are a leading party in processing, formulating and marketing quality waxes ever since our founding in 1852.



Being the only GMP (ISO 22716) certified producer of natural waxes in Europe, following the Cosmetic Guideline on Good Manufacturing Practice for producing all kinds of natural waxes, such as Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Sunflower Wax, we are able to supply and serve our customers according the highest standards in the industry.

With our State-of-the-Art facility in the Netherlands and strengthened by our ISO 9001 and 22716 certifications, we are ready for the future.
Koster Keunen has worldwide presence with its companies in The Netherlands, United States and Togo.

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Sustainable Beeswax

Koster Keunen is proud to create the first certified, 100% sustainably sourced beeswax in the world. This beeswax is NGO verified by FairMatch Support, and traced to each beekeeper and their hives. This traceable sourcing strives to keep bees and keepers safe, happy and healthy.


Koster Keunen has expanded with another branch, in Lomé, Togo. The new facility, in West Africa, supports their sustainable beeswax program and employs its own sustainability manager within the staff. KKWA offers localized representation, training and professionalization of beekeeper activity.

Beekeepers are paid a fair living wage, helping to elevate entire communities. This program touches 7000+ keepers, increases food production, and supports safe beekeeping practices. Koster Keunen wants to drive global change for the handling of bees and the cultivation of beeswax.

KKWA works with local farmers, educating them on the value of crop pollination. Farmers have seen 40% higher yield in crops when working with bees as pollinators. Larger crops equate to additional access to food for local communities.

Koster Keunen is proud to fund safety programs and support coalitions donating specialized equipment to beekeepers in remote areas. Donations vary by region, and include bicycles, bee suits, and important tools in safe beekeeping.

These efforts support economic development and nurtures the foundations of beekeeping itself. Having proper training and equipment makes it easier for communities to pass down the tradition to future generations. Koster Keunen knows how priceless that is.

“From one family business to another, we understand the importance of tradition, and we believe beekeeping is a tradition worth cultivating for everyone.”

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Koster Keunen West-Africa

Koster Keunen has officially opened the doors of its own subsidiary in Togo, West-Africa.

With our presence in the West-African region we can further outroll our Global Sustainability Program.

In early 2019, Koster Keunen opened a new West African facility in Lomé, Togo, which is dedicated to our sustainable beeswax initiative.  Our Sustainable Beeswax supply chain in West Africa is a long-term commitment with cooperative and beekeeper groups. We are structuring, training and improving the good practices of beekeepers in multiple nations. The results of this work can be seen in the quality of wax produced, the recurrent income at the local level and professionalization of the local beekeeping society.

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GMP-ISO 22716

Koster Keunen certified ISO 22716 for Netherlands site

Koster Keunen, a world leader in natural and specialty waxes, has certified for ISO 22716 : 2007 / Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for its brand new site in the Netherlands. The certification covers production of natural and synthetic waxes for the cosmetic,pharmaceutical, food, feed, ink and candle industries.

The Netherlands site is the first Koster Keunen location to obtain the cosmetics industry reference standard. The achievement confirms the company’s commitment to support the personal care sector with guaranteed consistent products and processes.

The certification was awarded by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Koster Keunen demonstrated to SGS that its products, processes and systems are compliant with the international ISO 22716 : 2007 standards and regulations. Additionally the certification emphasizes the quality of Koster Keunens waxes for the cosmetic industry.

“We are very pleased to have achieved this goal,” comments Gerben Jan Boersma, managing director of Koster Keunen Holland. “The ISO 22716 accreditation proves that we have made the internal adaptations and cultural adjustments that are necessary to work according to the meaningful GMP standards. It also makes our production processes more transparent to our customers. ”

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New ‘State-of-the-Art’ factory Koster Keunen Holland

Koster Keunen has officially opened the doors of its new ‘State-of-the-Art’ production facility in the Netherlands.

Designed by the famous Dutch architects Mecanoo, the new facility more than doubles the previous capacity, contains a high-tech laboratory and has a dedicated production line for their latest innovation ‘Pesticide Removed Beeswax.‘

Our state of the art facility will secure our future and enables us to serve our customers with high quality products and support they can expect from Koster Keunen.


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