E00004 Beeswax White

General information

Beeswax is secreted by the glands of the honeybee (Apis Mellifera) and is used as a building material for honeycombs.  Modern agriculture depends on professional beekeeping for pollination of crops.  The large number of agricultural countries exporting Beeswax ensures that it is never in short supply.  Because of the highly complex composition of Beeswax and its soft pliable nature, Beeswax remains an indispensable raw material for many finished products even after centuries of commercial use.

For each customer’s application, we guarantee consistent quality and availability by careful blending of selected waxes. Quality is strictly controlled in our modern production facilities as well as in our well-equipped laboratory.


Depilatories, Furniture Polishes, Wood and Leather Polishes, Textile,Wood and Paper Finishes, Candles, Moldings, Lubricants, Industrial Applications, Creams, Lotions,Lipsticks, Cold Creams, Color, Cosmetics, Emulsions, Hair Care, Ointments, Salves, Pharmaceutical Excipients


Beeswax has been used for thousands of years for its unique chemistry which has the ability to produce creamy textures in a variety of cosmetic applications. In emulsions the free fatty acids can be used to make in-situ emulsifiers, improving emulsion stability and texture.

Product details

INCI: Beeswax
CAS: 8012-89-3
HS/Tariff code: 1521.90.2000
Food additive: -
European Pharmacopoeia: -
Reach: Annex V.9 exempt
GMO: Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
Animal tests: Not tested on animals
Allergen Fragrances: Not present
Vegan: No
Specific product data
Product form: Granulate, Pastilles, Slabs
Packaging: 20 kg bag
Pallet size: 500 kgs
Congealing point ºC: 61 - 65ºC
Acid value: 17 - 24

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