E00126 Permulgin 4210

General information

Permulgin 4210 is a hydrogenated microcrystalline wax consisting of isoparaffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons with carbon chain lengths of ca. C35-C70. Permulgin 4210 is a soft flexible mineral wax of petroleum origin with excellent oil-binding and oil-gelling properties. Permulgin 4210 is used in emulsions, sticks and salves, including pharmaceutical products. In stick and ointment type formulations Permulgin 4210 functions as a binder and oil gellant and improves break resistance, texture and oil binding. Permulgin 4210 decreases fracture tendencies due to the use of Carnauba Wax. In emulsion formulations Permulgin 4210 functions as a consistency regulator and improves emulsion stability. In chewing gum Permulgin 4210 is specifically used for its plasticity.

Product details

INCI: Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax
CAS: 63231-60-7
HS/Tariff code: 34049000
Food additive: -
European Pharmacopoeia: -
Reach: Preregistered and registered up supply chain
GMO: Free of genetically modified organisms ( GMO ) and complies with EC regulations No 1829 / 2003 and 1830 / 2003.
Animal tests: Not animal tested
Allergen Fragrances: Not present
Vegan: Yes
Specific product data
Product form: Slabs
Packaging: Appr. 25 kg carton
Pallet size: -
Congealing point ºC: 62 - 66
Acid value: < 0,5

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