E00160 Permulgin 0160

General information

Permulgin 0160 is a natural beeswax blend, maintaining the properties of 100% Beeswax. It can be used in the entire range of cosmetic formulations, for example W/O and O/W formulations, sticks, make-up, haircare products etc. Advantages of Permulgin 0160 are high binding strength, pronounced plasticity, excellent emulsifiability, relatively low melting point, highly occlusive character. In sticks Permulgin 0160 improves structure, oil retention, firmness, adhesion, pay-off and mould release. In emulsions it functions as a consistency regulator and as a (co-)emulsifier and contributes to skinfeel, emolliency, barrier function and appearance. Compatibility of Permulgin 0160 with other waxes is excellent. Koster Keunen ensures at all times the availability and constant quality of Permulgin 0160.


Creams, lotions, sticks, sun care, make-up, hair care

Product details

INCI: Beeswax; Synthetic Beeswax
CAS: 8012-89-3 / 71243-51-1
HS/Tariff code: 34049000
Food additive: -
European Pharmacopoeia: -
Reach: Annex V.9 exempt, Polymer exempt, no REACh obligations, UVCB and ingredients registered up supply chain
GMO: Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
Animal tests: Not tested on animals
Allergen Fragrances: Not present
Vegan: No
Specific product data
Product form: Pastilles, granulate, slabs
Packaging: 20 kg bags
Pallet size: 500 kgs
Congealing point ºC: 61 - 65ºC
Acid value: 17 - 24

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