E00177 Beeswax Yellow EP

General information

This natural animal wax is a complex mixture of ca. 70% non-glyceride esters (C38 – >C62), ca. 12 – 15% fatty acids (C16 – C36) and ca. 12 – 16% paraffinic hydrocarbons (C21 – C35).

Creams, lotions, sticks, sun care, make-up, hair care, food (glazing or release agent), dental care.

Product details

INCI: Cera Alba
CAS: 8012-89-3
HS/Tariff code: 15219099
Food additive: -
European Pharmacopoeia: Complies
Reach: Annex V.9 exempt
GMO: Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
Animal tests: Not tested on animals
Allergen Fragrances: Not present
Vegan: No
Specific product data
Product form: Pastilles
Packaging: 20 kg bags
Pallet size: 500 kgs
Congealing point ºC: 61 - 65ºC
Acid value: 17 - 22

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