Future goals

1.       Increase the volume of sustainable and organic products in our portfolio.

Sustainable and organic products create a more engaged relationship with value chain partners. Koster Keunen will in the coming years increase the number and volume of sustainable and organic products. Promoting modern beekeeping and female participation is part of this goal.

2.       All partners in the value chain commit to sustainable practices.

Koster Keunen is formalizing corporate values and the principles of sustainable practice in all relationships with value chain partners. For this it is important to have an open and transparent relationship, in order to clarify what is expected and to secure long-term commitment.

3.       Decrease our ecological footprint.

Koster Keunen aims to make a positive impact on the environment. For this it is important to know more about the current ecological footprint of its products and to constantly search for ways to improve.


Embedding sustainability in the organization

Implementation of the sustainability plan is the responsibility of the senior management team consisting of the CEO’s of Koster Keunen US, Koster Keunen NL and Koster Keunen West Africa. In periodical meetings progress of the activities will be monitored and evaluated.

Every year an activity plan for the following year will be developed. An annual Corporate Sustainability Report will communicate results and progress. Essential for the successful integration of sustainability in the business activities is the engagement of stakeholders, especially internal stakeholders such as shareholders, board members and staff. Staff is involved through execution of the activities.

If you have any questions about our future goals, please send us a note here.