Koster Keunen's Global Sustainability Program

For Koster Keunen, sustainability is one of its core values. Therefore we have developed our own Sustainability Program.

Sustainabilty Program

Koster Keunen follows the UN SDG’s to be a part of a better and more sustainable future for all. Our global sustainability program is a serious commitment to a healthy ecosystem with a fair and safe supply chain. The three pillars that encompass our focus are Social, Economic and Environmental.

Positive impact

Our corporate sustainability program positively impacts individual facets of the supply chain down to the communities where we source our raw materials. There are tangible social, economic and environmental effects taking place due to this program.

Responsible Production

We take great pride in our responsible production practices throughout our value chain.  Koster Keunen continuously acts to reduce our ecological footprint and impact on the earth. We use very little water during production, and when we do, it is recycled.  We have also installed solar panels to each of our manufacturing facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.

If you have any questions about our global sustainability program, please send us a note here.