Research and development by Koster Keunen

Koster Keunen’s strength is its extensive knowledge of waxes and scientific experience in developing new products. By working closely together with our customers’ R&D departments as well as formulators we enable our clients to create unique formulas with strong added value in its end product properties. We gladly invite our customers to visit us, and work with us to find the perfect (combination of) waxes for your formulas.

We have the tools and the know-how.

Talent and technology, the blend of man and machine in perfect harmony, that’s what has helped Koster Keunen become the world’s leading refiner and processor of waxes. We pride ourselves on employing the best chemists and investing in the latest equipment to help guarantee we can meet any and all of our customers’ needs.

Our innovative tradition will always force forward thinking; we were the first natural wax company to purchase a Sandvik Pastillator for prilling beeswax, and introduced the first commercially available beeswax esters.

Further, this attitude and approach led to the development of synthetic alternatives to natural plant waxes, as well as our chemists developing natural wax derivatives such as Siliconyl Beeswax and PEG-8 Beeswax — among others. Most recently, we became the first company to introduce sustainable waxes that mimic the physical and chemical properties of non-renewable petrochemical and mineral-based raw materials – Kester Waxes.

We will continue to make innovation our tradition, using our unique expertise and perspective to produce the best, most appropriate products for our customers.