Koster Keunen Milks

We are very pleased to introduce to you our newly developed Koster Keunen milks, which are sprayable, easy-to-use wax dispersions with a 40% wax content.

A brand new patented emulsification technique allows us to produce small, spherical wax particles with a uniform particle size. This novel green technology gives us a flexible choice of emulsifiers – including food grade – using substantially less energy versus the traditional production methods.

Koster Keunen Milks’ extraordinary film forming abilities(greatly) improve protective and sensory properties of sun, hair and skin care products. The enhanced, superior quality of the film formed on the skin or hair and the better distribution of ingredients not only boosts SPF, but also overall product performance.

New – Green – Technology

  • Green raw materials and production process
  • Decreased emulsifier dosage (approx. 75% reduction)
  • Reduced process and energy costs
  • Uniform particle size
  • Uniform formulas
  • Formulating advantage
  • Possibility combining different milks.